Do you want to practice Spanish but have nobody to talk to? Are you afraid of forgetting what you have already learned? Are you looking to start learning Spanish or improve on the level you already have? Do you want to converse with native Spanish speakers?

We offer the opportunity to speak Spanish with QUIEROHABLARESPAÑOL.COM



We are a group of young native Spanish graduates in Hispanic, English and German philology who recognise the importance of conversing in Spanish for those who are studying the language. It can be difficult for someone living outside a Spanish speaking country to find a Spanish language specialist to practice with in order to perfect the language or to keep in in the habit of speaking Spanish.

Try talking to us and you'll see your Spanish improving every day. You will strengthen your grammar, your vocabulary and you will find yourself more comfortable with the language. www.quierohablarespañ

We offer online conversations classes of 55 minutes where you can talk every day with a native teacher who will help you, correct you and encourage you not to forget to speak Spanish. You will learn in a fun and entertaining way, talking about your hobbies, travel, your daily life , your grammatical problems, etc.

You will receive feedback after each class via email with a brief assessment of your mistakes or where you must improve ,as well as your strengths. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Take the placement test to determine your level of Spanish.

Click here to get to know our teachers and choose your time to speak Spanish, learning in an educational and fun way. All you need is to have determination and meet the minimum requirements.

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